We Are The Party For All Young Territorians

We Support Freedom of Speech

The Young Country Liberals support right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction

Small Government

The Young Country Liberals believe in individual responsibility and supporting aspirational Territorians who want to get ahead without big government standing in the way.

Developing the Northern Territory

The Young Country Liberals believe in developing the Northern Territory to make our industries competitive not only nationally but also internationally

Who are we?

The Young Country Liberals have been enshrined with the Country Liberals constitution since the Northern Territory political party was formed in 1974. The structure of the program continues to be unique compared to other youth branches of mainstream political parties in Australia.

As the youth wing of the party that represents liberal philosophy to the youngest population in Australia and in turn with the Northern Territory being the youngest jurisdiction, we serve an important role to the main party.

The Young Country Liberals are involved in all functions of the Party, including policy making, management and delegates. A key aspect of the Young Country Liberals is to create strong relationships for mentoring and participation with affiliated parties including the Young Liberal Movement – Liberal Party of Australia and the Young Nationals, whilst maintaining our autonomy as an independent, Territory party.

The Young Country Liberals will continue to provide young people of the Northern Territory an outstanding forum to allow open and free discussions politics and policies. Want to know more? Take Action today.